It’s easy to pick up a book and read about the chakras, but how much effect will this have on your life & your path? The Chakra course is designed to integrate ancient wisdom into your very being. It’s about breaking free from old, constrictive patterns of living and reconnecting with your inner Self, and discovering the happiness within.

This is a course of transformation which journeys through the chakras.

Practical exercises and simple meditations are taught, which can be brought into your daily life. This allows you, even once the course is complete, to live this joyous new version of yourself.

Imana provides the techniques and guidance necessary for you to heal yourself.
We bring our physical, mental and emotional bodies into balance, led by the colors of the rainbow. Through singing bowl vibrations, dance, movement (qigong, dru-yoga, 5 tibetan rites), sound exercises, writing & games to connect with the chakras.

Each day brings us into our chakra energies, creating a profound healing.

This special course is generally held twice a year.  Once in Nepal and each summer in France (Ardèche).